InteliOps’ offers excellent opportunities for self-starters and high-achievers! If you are an experienced professional with skills in marketing, sales, information technology, software engineering and customer support, please do contact us to discuss your growth potential at InteliOps. You will be working with the global Information Technology community that caters to various industries including Distribution/Fulfillment Logistics, Telecom, Software Engineering and Finance. We recruit and train professionals at different levels of experience, and provide you with a unique opportunity you to achieve your goals.


Develop Business Rules Engine (BRE) development for managing large amounts of real-time and historical enterprise data for various business applications. Analyze, develop, and test remote (cloud) analysis systems, including simulation modules for gathering data, re-running selected scenarios, and developing “what-if” analysis tools, to generate long-term analytical data and test new rules before they are implemented and go live. Rely on InteliOps’ latest cloud-based Artificial Intelligence platform for assessing business information needs, data usage, and process improvements in rule engine environments (logistics support, call routing, etc.). Work with Java 1.6/1.8, JBoss Drools 6.3, Spring Framework, Hybernate, JSP, JUnit, and Maven, and related technologies. Analyze business processes and technical requirements. Design, test, and implement appropriate architectures for cloud simulations and testing, as well as data analysis and management tools. Work with cloud computing APIs, Open Stack, Xen, Tomcat Maven, Eclipse IDE, IntelliJ IDE, and continuous integration frameworks. Run simulations to validate project-specific or needs-specific rules before deployment. Utilize service oriented architectures (SOA) to build large distributed systems capable of communicating synchronously and asynchronously. Use Subversion and CVS tools to manage, modify, and optimize existing enterprise applications and implement new applications, features, and analytical tools. Validate and integrate service architectures within distributed computing environments. Analyze and encode business rules gathered from project leads and operations managers, utilizing JBoss Drools Rules Engine, Weka Machine Learning, Open NLP, Pentaho, and others. Ensure conformance of business intelligence software and tools to business processes, technical specifications, and requirements. Collaborate on other Research and Development cross functional team efforts.


Five (5) years of software engineering, software development, or related experience in a lead engineering role, including at least two (2) years of experience developing algorithms; working with data structures and internet protocols; performing data driven programming and computational mathematics; conducting object oriented analysis and object oriented design (OOA/OOD); performing Java/J2EE development; and working with JBoss Drools, Business Rules Engine (BRE), and database development.

Send resume to:

Dr. Vijay Bandekar, CEO, InteliOps, Inc., 30401 Via Chico Pl, Laguna Niguel, CA 92677.

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