InteliOps’ oIDE offers a highly sophisticated set of tools to assist data scientis in their model building efforts. Such tools include simple steps to stream and upload large amounts of data, and run induction (decision tree learning) and statistical classification. The data scientist is able to visualize decision trees, automatically convert them into rules, and test the rules execution. Furthermore, the data scientist can write rules to compare the inferences made by a decision tree versus statistical classification based on probabilistic reasoning. Our automated tools save data scientists valuable time. Find out how…

Furthermore, we offer neural network learning using our proprietary implementation of “resilient back-propagation” that uses cross-entropy cost function to adopt learning rate. This approach provides faster learning in many realistic machine learning problems. By bringing neural networks to the mix of machine learning algorithms data scientists can truly build ensemble learning strategies into their solutions using InteliOps decision engine, which is central to our offering. The decision engine offers the ability to inject learned models into any reasoning expert system.

Finally, our oIDE offeres the capability to integrate Python and Theano deep learning library into applications. With modern neural network research focusing on deep learning with recurrent neural networks and convolutional neural networks it becomes essential to combine classical machine learning with deep learning. oIDE offers this powerful paradigm that brings reasoning and decision engines, classical machine learning and deep learning together, so scientists and engineers have the ability to create best of breed solutions!


User friendly, no upgrade hassle, data security, and so on…

Secure, 24×7, cloud computing service that empowers developers to deliver applications and solutions efficiently! The developer provides access to team members that perform tasks such as quality assurance and business acceptance tests. Our collaborative environment allows cross functional team members collectively deliver high quality solutions in record time.


When users access a page, a context-sensitive help will guide through each step of a given task the user wants to perform. oIDE virtually prevents any errors or discrepancies that may be introduced into your programs!