InteliOps AI Cloud is a secure and reliable Application Service that enables users to interactively develop and test rules engine application, build machine learning strategies, and visualize trends. You will be able to launch your applications in the cloud and allow other users to subscribe to your services for free or for a fee. AI cloud offers continuous learning using statistical classification; this helps users perform trend analysis on transactional rules engine services, and build adaptive reasoning systems. Application development process is simplified through automation of routine software development tasks. User can develop and deploy applications in a few hours to days, saving time and costs. For students, our AI cloud service is an ideal learning platform. For corporate business users it is a rapid prototyping platform; AI Cloud saves many cycles involved in traditional software development processes.


The online interactive development environment (oIDE) is accessible over the internet using most desktop and mobile browsers. Applications securely reside in our Artificial Intelligence cloud where user can interactively develop and test different applications. Once tested user can launch the application in the cloud and allow others to access the application as a service; the user has a choice to provide such service for free or for a fee. Each oIDE instance runs on its own virtual machine (VM) in the cloud. Upon signing up for the service we will automatically create a standard VM; user will have option to create custom VM.Secure, 24×7, cloud service that empowers users to interactively develop reasoning expert systems using rules engine technology!



Rules application development and service delivery with monitization.

Integrated data minig and machine learning.

  • In-memory, continuoous Bayesian classification
  • Decision tree

Data driven visualization.


When users access a feature, context-sensitive text will guide through each step of a given task. The cloud service virtually prevents any user errors! Code templates come with built-in procedures to help users focus more on their applications and not on programming techniques; the user experience is intuitive and result oriented. Many ready made projects are availabel to the user; just pick the problem solving paradigm you want and start making it yours.