• InteliOps Enterprise AI platform, the first comprehensive AI platform in the market today.
  • It is the only AI platform that combines two most essential components – reasoning and inferencing with learning. This integration is essential to build data driven enterprise applications that continuously learn and autonomously incorporate and apply the new knowledge in making business decisions.
  • InteliOps platform is extensible, enterprise ready and leverages standard, proven open source AI technologies.
  • It dramatically simplifies rapid development and deployment of AI powered, intelligent, autonomous applications.
  • Most importantly, it enables existing developers, data scientists, statisticians and business analysts to rapidly build and securely deploy AI powered enterprise applications anywhere.



Feature Value Proposition
Artificial Intelligence (AI) Cloud A cloud-based, secure, sophisticated online Interactive data visualization environment for enables rapid development, testing, and deployment of autonomous applications!Statistical classification
Continuous Learning with Bayesian Classification Advanced version of Naiive Bayesian classification algorithm for incremental and continuous learning process
Integrated set of AI technologies Including Production systems (Rete algorithm based rule engine), Induction learning (decision tree), Statistical classification, Natural language processing, Resilient back propagation neural networks, and deep learning.
Flexible Deployment and Automation Flexible deployment: The applications can be deployed rapidly and flexibly in the InteliOps cloud, co-branded (on premise) private cloud, or on popular clouds including AWS, Google and Azure.
Automation: AI driven process automation of routine IT functions in development, testing and deployment – substantially reduces burden on developers, operations and application support staff.
Template driven development combined with code generation techniques dramatically improves time to market!
Python and Deep Learning Integration Seamless integration to perform ensemble learning with rule-based decision engine as a central collaboration unit.
Template Driven Development Financial – Edgar and Yahoo finance automation, IoT – re-usable remote deployment and device management, Predictive Analytics – to leverage historical data and real-time streaming data, Scheduling and tracking – adaptive reasoning, Planning, what if analysis – for logistics industry and Mortgage Finance and Securitization
Business Process Automation To help partner consulting firms in automating business processes like bank reconciliations, generation of analyst reports, and streaming and analysis of information from IoT enabled medical devices (patient information).
Data-driven Visualization Continuous model building capability assists to stream dynamic and reliable information in highly visual form such as moving charts and graphs. Visualized models are streamed to mobile devices using publish-subscribe technology that utilize advanced visualization techniques.
Adaptive Decision Support Systems Automatic mining of transactional data using various machine learning algorithms for model building


  • Improves time to market for very complex AI powered enterprise applications – quick turnover
  • Eliminates / reduces developer count through code generation, process automation and cross functional collaboration – reduced costs
  • Simplifies application deployment and version management by eliminating repeatable human tasks
  • Leverages data to deliver semi-finished AI powered adaptive decision applications with click of a button accelerating application delivery
  • Automated software development empowers business analysts and decision makers
  • Seamlessly incorporates enterprise IoT/IoE strategy into one unified AI platform by providing distributed development and testing capabilities